Social Committees

All members are scheduled to volunteer for at least one social event. It is often necessary for some of our members to serve multiple events. If a member is unable to serve at the assigned event, it is the member’s responsibility to trade with another member for a different event.

Subscribing and youth members are not scheduled for social obligations. In addition, those memberships with individuals over 80 years of age as of January 1st of the current calendar year, may opt not to be scheduled for social obligations if they request an exemption.

Thanks for your participation. The volunteerism of our club membership makes our events successful.

2023 Committees

Revision 4.0

Updated 5/15/23

Names in bold are the event chairs. Names in red are modifications from the original posting. 

Saturday, May 27th Opening Party

Christine McNeil, Brad McNeil, Vicki Clayton, Anne Muller, Andy Muller, Greg Thomas, Pat Thomas, Jay Hiller, Karin Hiller, Andrea Lee, Glenn McMurray, Maggie Smith, Mark Smith, Tim Lange, Julie Brandt Legal Bartender: Vicki Clayton 

Wednesday May 31st  Wednesday Night Cookout #1

Lisa Whittet, John Becker, Carolyn Becker, Kristen Becker, Norm Sass, RoseMarie Sass, Mark McKinnon, Kathy McKinnon, Linda Fox, Jim Farquharson 

Legal Bartender: Mark McKinnon

Wednesday June 7th Wednesday Night Cookout #2

Deanna Tracy, Doug Tracy, Kevin Brickler, Molly Brickler, Sara Seeger, Neil Seeger, Molly Barr, Marty Barr, Stuart Alger, Danielle Alger 

Legal Bartender: Candace Porter

Wednesday June 14th Wednesday Night Cookout #3

Lucy Atac, Bob Atac, Jeanne Armstrong, Tom Armstrong, Wendy Ekstrom-Bitter, Dave Bitter, Nancy Roble, Dale Roble, Toni Majka, Mitzy Dorn 

Legal Bartender: Jeanne Armstrong

Thursday June 15th Youth Night #1

Katie Lillwitz, Mike Lillwitz, Lindey Neudorff, Erica Stamm 

Legal Bartender: Mike Lillwitz

Monday June 19th Wine Tasting #1

Legal Bartender: Jenny Piacenza

Wednesday June 21st Wednesday Night Cookout #4

Dave Berg, Margie Berg, Penny Clayton, Rob Clayton, Steve Deraleau, Janet Deraleau, Fabian LaTocha, Jennifer LaTocha, Kat Harshbarger 

Legal Bartender: Tim LeRoy

Saturday June 24th C Fleet Party

Kate Haeger, Will Haeger, David Sullivan, Bridget Sullivan, Cullen Barr, Andrew Bohl, Kelsy Bohl, Riley Schmidt, Neal Klement, Michael Barth, Ron Jarecki, Andrea Jarecki 

Legal Bartender: Cullen Barr

Wednesday June 28th Wednesday Night Cookout #5

Candace Porter, Dave Porter, Joe Byrnes, Karla Keck, Linda Johnson-Dynek, Jess Dynek, Eric Seaverson, Erin Seaverson, Bill Sarsfield, Kim Sarsfield, Ellen Valentine, Mike Valentine 

Legal Bartender: Candace Porter

Thursday June 29th X Quads Lunch

Marie LeRoy, Jennifer Kaska, Beth Lanham, Carrie Franzene, Connie Greeson, Diane Brickler 

Bar not open 

Thursday June 29th X Quads Dinner/Grill

Mike Greeson, Jeff Mueller, Shari Mueller, Stacy Keane, Andrea Jarecki, Brooke Brickler, Kevin Brickler, Mike Lillwitz 

Legal Bartender: Mike Lillwitz

Friday June 30th X Quads Lunch

Marie LeRoy, Kathy Kiernan, Mitzy Dorn, Lucy Atac, Deb Klement-Thomas, Lynn Welscher, Nancy Keane 

Bar not open

Saturday July 1st Hawaiian Party

Joe Skotarzak, Melanie Urben, Mary Claire Kiernan, Megan Van Opstall, Matt Van Opstall, Joel Klein, Kayla Klein, Jay Laabs, Katie Laabs, Tommy Hiller, Kathy Barth, Steve Barth, Mary Ann Uhen, Dan Uhen 

Legal Bartender: Tommy Hiller

Tuesday July 4th Pancake Breakfast

Carol Klement, Robert Klement, Bobby Gull, Keith Beren, Charlie Kutschenreuter, Monica Zoellner, Cindy Kent, Carl Zettlemoyer, Betsy Kutschenreuter, Jeff Komas

Bar not open

Wednesday July 5th Wednesday Night Cookout #6

Bridgette Bonifeld, Wendell Gooch, Stephen Bognar, Patrick Donnelly, Kathryn Donnelly, Julie Hill, David Hall, Susan Hall 

Legal Bartender: Lance Rosenmayer

Wednesday July 12th Wednesday Night Cookout #7

Anne Humphrey, John Murphy, Lynn Welscher, Deb Klement-Thomas, Bette Grubis, George Grubis, Kathy McFadden, Tracey McFadden 

Legal Bartender: Keith Knopf

Monday July 17th Wine Tasting #2

Legal Bartender: Jenny Piacenza

Wednesday July 19th Wednesday Night Cookout #8

Vicki Bohl, David Bohl, Peggy Kreuger, Dave Kreuger, Ned Kline, Matt Haeger, Mike Lillwitz, Katie Lillwitz, Dave Schultz, Amy Schultz 

Legal Bartender: Mike Lillwitz

Thursday July 20th Youth Night #2

Molly Brickler, Kevin Brickler, Stacy Keane, Brendan Keane, Julie Nowak 

Legal Bartender: Mike Lillwitz

Saturday July 22nd C Invite Lunch

Linda Johnson-Dynek, Jeanne Armstrong, Karin Hiller, Susan Hiller-Natwick, Eric Natwick, Anne Humphrey 

Legal Bartender: Don Franzene

Saturday July 22nd C Invite Dinner

Kathy Barth, Pam Katcha, Maggie Smith, Nancy Roble, Jim Berman, Melanie Urben 

Legal Bartender: Don Franzene while getting off water, Ben Porter once at club

Sunday July 23rd C Invite Lunch

Susan Hall, Jessica Jones, Maura Kennedy, Betsy Kutschenreuter, Kathy McKinnon, Cindy Kent 

Legal Bartender: David Sullivan 

Wednesday July 26th Wednesday Night Cookout #9

Jenny Piacenza, Chip Inman, Kathy Will, Hardy Will, Carol Russell, John Russell, Tonja Hall, Max Hall, Dave Schmidt, Doreen Schmidt, 

Legal Bartender: Jeanne Armstrong

Saturday July 29th Masquerade Party

Ted Kennedy, Maura KennedyChrissy Kubicek, Chris Kubicek,  Julie Haeger, Kent Haeger, Carol Stein, Don Stein, Scot Kent, Nancy Schmidt, Randy Schmidt 

Legal Bartender: Kate Haeger

Wednesday August 2nd Wednesday Night Cookout #10

Jennifer Kaska, Charles Kaska, Carrie Franzene, Don Franzene, Beth Lanham, Mikey LaFratta, Charles Frank, Karen Peters 

Legal Bartender: Lance Rosenmayer

Thursday August 3rd Youth Night #3

Julie Brandt, Tim Lange, Kevin Connor, Kristina Connor, Eric Seaverson, Erin Seaverson 

Legal Bartender: Tim LeRoy

Saturday August 5th MC Fleet Party

Linda Haeger, John Grau, Mary Grau, Christy Will, Joe Katcha, Pam Katcha, Aaron LeRoy, Caroline LeRoy, Steve Rotier, Sandy Rotier, Robert Atac, Lucy Atac

Wednesday August 9th Wednesday Night Cookout #11

Janet Smycek, Paul Smycek, John Sullivan, Keith Knopf, Dave Hazenfield, Cody Hazenfield, Lance Rosenmayer, Kim Rosenmayer, Denny Klumb, Pam Klumb, John Thornton, Annette Thornton 

Legal Bartender: Keith Knopf

Thursday August 10th Youth Night #4

Brian Brickler, Brooke Brickler, Dawn Greeson, Michael Greeson, Kim Pluess, Dave Pluess 

Legal Bartender: David Sullivan

Monday August 14th Wine Tasting #3

Legal Bartender: Jenny Piacenza

Wednesday August 16th Wednesday Night Cookout #12

Pat Thomas, Greg Thomas, Nicole Hudson, Anne Franzene, Ryan Farrell, Todd Jones, Jessica Jones, Kristina Connor, Kevin Connor 

Legal Bartender: Chrissy Kubicek

Wednesday August 23rd Wednesday Night Cookout #13

Mary Davenport, Dave Davenport, John Porter, Molly Porter, Steve Schmitendorf, Mary Schmitendorf, Maryellen Heckman, Kim Pluess, Dave Pluess 

Legal Bartender: Tim LeRoy

Saturday August 26th Commodore’s Ball

Christine McNeil, Anne Muller, Brad McNeil, Andy Muller, Melissa Pruessing, Adrienne Bohl, Michael Barr, Pat Welscher, Janel Welscher, Zack Clayton, Sarah Clayton 

Legal Bartender: Joe Skotarzak (early), Will Haeger (Late)

Wednesday August 30th Wednesday Night Cookout #14

Barb Atkinson, Tom Atkinson, Paul Riedl, Cathy Riedl, Sandy Rotier, Steve Rotier, Frank Davenport, Julie Davenport, Tim Lange 

Legal Bartender: Riley Schmidt

Saturday September 2nd Trophy Dinner

Kathy Kiernan, Mark Kiernan, Brian Brickler, Brooke Brickler, Stacy Keane, Brendan Keane, Jeff Hudson de Tarnowsky, Joslyn Blokell, Eric Rietz, Michela Ward, Dave Ward 

Legal Bartender: Maura Kennedy

Sunday September 3rd Annual Meeting Potluck Appetizers

Kandace Theisen, Tom Scherwenka, Brian Bellew, Jane Kiernan, Milt Haeger, Adrienne Cozette 

Legal Bartender: Vicki Clayton

Saturday September 9th Dorn Memorial Lunch

Michela Ward, Carol Klement, Amy Schultz*, Carrie Franzene

Legal Bartender: TBD

Saturday September 9th Dorn Memorial Dinner

Mitzy Dorn, Kathy Will, Jennifer Kaska, Cathy Riedl, Bob Mueller, Karen Mueller

Legal Bartender: TBD

Sunday September 10th Dorn Memorial Lunch

Michela Ward, Jane Kiernan, Mary Grau, Carolyn Becker, Marie LeRoy

Legal Bartender: TBD

Saturday September 23rd Nan Norris Beulah Challenge Lunch

Molly Barr, Melanie Urben, Lynn Welscher, Molly Porter, TBD

Legal Bartender: TBD

Saturday September 23rd Nan Norris Beulah Challenge Dinner

Molly Barr, Kathy Kiernan, Mark Kiernan, Vicki Bohl, TBD

Legal Bartender: TBD

Sunday September 24th Nan Norris Beulah Challenge Lunch

Molly Barr, Nancy Roble, Betsy Kutschenreuter, Julie Haeger*, TBD

Legal Bartender: TBD

Saturday December 9th Christmas Party - Cancelled

*if in town


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