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C, MC, X and Optimist Sailing on the waters of Lake Beulah, East Troy, Wisconsin Since 1897


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News / Articles

2014 - All the news we saw fit to print

Joe Skotarzak  | Published on Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Thankful for Beulah 

Winter is here, there's snow (and lifts, and docks) on the grass and ice on the lake.

Happy Thanksgiving, Beulah!


The seasons they are a-changin'

Autumn has come to golden pond. The waters have cooled, the leaves are turning, the boats are making their way into their barns for their long winter's naps. In other news, John and Molly are now Mr. and Mrs. Porter, as their wedding last weekend christened the freshly-painted LBYC.

Christine Porter - WORLD CHAMPION

 It was an interesting weekend, with snow predicted Saturday morning at Delavan for the 2014 World Championship of C Scow sailing. A whole bunch of hardy souls took to the water anyway, and the 117 showed they meant business from the opening whistle, taking the BULLET in Race 1! In for lunch to let the breeze build and out they went again, with the 117 having a good race. Our fair lady had to leave for a wedding so Papa Porter filled in on the stick and held serve with another BULLET, in order that his baby girl would get to live the favorite reasons we take our sailboats to regattas: to get up on Sunday morning with a chance to win the event. Sitting second starting Sunday, CP and crew (Jenny and DJ Jaessing from Cedar) made an immediate statement by taking ANOTHER BULLET (picture below)! From there it was semantics, the fleet knew who was the ruler this weekend, so they sailed a final race before crowning the WORLD CHAMPION. The sWingtoWn line score for the weekend read 1-6-1-1-7 and isn't it practically perfect in every way as you look at the numbers in those last three races? When the chips were down Papa and Christine went 1-1-7 to take the title and so the World Championship comes back to Beulah and the Porter family as Christine and crew displace John. Check out for full results and pictures once they get posted.

It's on - the Nan Norris Beulah Challenge this weekend

 It's a beautiful morning and, as usual, it's blowing on Beulah! The fleet is waking up after a good long night, Karl Lanka and Daughter Anna with third crew Cynthia made it in from Spring Lake, MI and so far have the lead in the "who traveled farthest?" category. The sun is out and we'll be sailing today, with a Mexican Dinner tonight and pancake breakfast in the morning in honor of Aunt Nan. The 30-strong fleet has had their briefing with PRO Milt Haeger and we go at 10:30.

  • 1PM UPDATE - big breezes this morning, which brought some carnage, we've one race completed, the B-12 were launched early and Kent and Mike never looked back, taking the bullet in convincing fashion. 
  • 7PM UPDATE - two more races this afternoon and Nan's son George with her son-in-law Kutsch aboard won the first one, and Nan's son Will led a bunch of the second one before giving way to Nan's grandson Joe who took the bullet in race 3.
  • UPDATE  - And, somewhere, Nan smiled, and laughed that Nan belly laugh.
  • SUNDAY UPDATE -lots more wind but a lot cooler and some rain in the air - a perfect morning for some of Nan's favorite: pancakes! One race sailed and Grandson Joe Kutsch won another one to end the event with a bang, as Kent Haeger and Mike Greeson sailed the B-12 to the overall title.



 Ben Porter wins again, C Blue Chip Champ!


Peter Keck and Ben Porter Win C Blue Chip 

Mke Greeson and Kent Haeger Take Fourth
Anne Porter Muller and Joe Skotarzak Take Fifth 
Okauchee hosted the C Blue Chip and it was a great weekend, a little too chilly Saturday and the breeze turned off in the afternoon but Sunday was much warmer. In the end the judges squeezed off four races and Ben Porter won again, with help from Peter Keck! Beulah was well-represented up and down the results page with the 12, 217 and 317 in the top 10 and 303 bringing home a race win.  RESULTS

George Dorn Memorial MC Regatta - 9.6-7

The George Dorn Memorial returns this weekend, courtesy of your hosts Kathy Will ( and Cathy Riedl and all their myriad helpers - updates to follow and results as they happen by clicking here:  GDM RESULTS
In the end, John Porter took the title, winning two races to take the tiebreaker from Greg Simon of Mendota.

Berman Service Award presented at Trophy Dinner

Jeff Lippert is the very richly deserved 2014 winner of the Berman Service Award! This is in recognition of his decades of service to the club.  In honor of that, at the Trophy Dinner Saturday night, Jeff's long-time C scow crew Don Franzene (assisted by HIS better half) put on a little musical award presentation.  You can find the video here (thanks to John Porter for recording and posting):  Thanks, JEFF!


 2014-15 Officers Elected at Annual Meting

Commodore - Chris Kucicek Secretary - Steve Barth
Vice Commodore - Vicki Bohl Treasurer - Hardy Will
Rear Commodore - Al Haeger Social Chair - Molly Barr
Rear Commodore - Frank Davenport House and Grounds - Frank Rappold
Yachtsman at Large - John Porter

 2014 ILYA Championships

The ILYA held a combined Championships event over the last five days at the Oshkosh Yacht Club on the shores of Lake Winnebago.  It was a combined event in a new format as the C, E, A and I-20 fleets were all onsite during the same days.  The conditions were challenging to say the least as the breezes were well short of cooperative. In the end, Joe and Randy brought the B7 home in 6th while John and Pat also finished in the money in 10th.  In addition, the Porter crew was well-represented by Dave and John with assists from Ben and Katie on the tender, and team I-96 finished 5th in the A regatta.  Julie Haeger and Candace Porter and Dale and Nancy Roble all assisted on RC assignments.  RESULTS

 O Captain, my captain --- Nancy Neal Norris 

It is with most sincere condolences to the Norris family that we announce the graceful passing of Nancy Neal Norris. As in her life, she left Beulah Tuesday early morning with an independent, steady spirit. Nan held many titles in the club - Commodore, Assistant Treasurer, Judges Representative to the Sailing Committee, PRO for innumerable regattas - but she was regarded as the matriarch of our fine organization. No one epitomized the energy, dedication or love of the Lake Beulah Yacht Club in the same manner as NNN. She was honored in a private, small gathering in September. The photo above shows her seven grandsons in a 21 gun salute..

C WYA Complete - Cookies take the cake

The WYA C champs was this past weekend on Delavan, Beulah brought it strong as usual.  John and Pat (with Friday crew assist by Caroline Sko) led the Killer B's by taking third overall while JoeK and Randy (similar assist to Charlie Kutsch) joined them in the top 10, taking 6th.  The brothers Brickler re-learned the adage "in a regatta EVERY boat counts" as they finished one point out of the money in 11th.  Details to follow in the mainsheet, full results can be found at

ILYA Opti Champs - Beulah rocks the Green Fleet

The ILYA Opti ChampsO  went up to Cedar Lake the last couple days.  Beulah girl power rocked the 35-boat Green Fleet, as Ashley won two of the eight races and Isabelle ended the event with a string of 3's - the two girls finished 5th and 4th overall, with Brian Zettelmoyer taking another bullet and finishing close behind in 7th overall!  Our youngest sailors carried the Beulah banner high this week - here's the happy girls with their awards:
On the Senior side, there were 85 boats and both Annie Cate and Jonah fought hard in the big breeze and represented well.  Full results here:  ILYA OPTI

ILYA X Championship is complete

Gull Lake, MN was the site. The breeze was consistently inconsistent over the three days of racing. On Thursday, both fleets got off four races, for the seniors that meant doing three in the afternoon. Friday morning the juniors sailed one race before the wind picked up too much, and the senior race was abandoned with puffs of 30mph. Saturday morning, both fleets finished their 8th race and headed in for lunch and trophies. The Beulah crew lost the volleyball championship to Pewaukee, but finished strong overall.  In the junior fleet, Annie Cate Schmidt and Ryan Komas brought the B7 to cube status with a solid 15th, while Brigit Barr and Sydney Probst took top girl skipper in 7th. The seniors, Bergalicious finished 12th, the Barricade finished 7th, and the Patty Wagon led the Beulah boats in 5th.  Respectfully submitted, Caroline Sko.

ILYA Opti No Tears regatta at Beulah 

Today the eastern version of the ILYA No Tears event - designed for our newest and youngest sailors - came to Beulah.  A spirited group of very small people nearly 60-strong hit the water and had a ball, under the careful watching eyes of Candace Porter and her judging crew, and Elaine Rietz and the wonderful crew of volunteers that she had on hand. 
Results:  SR    JR

 John Porter and Pat Welscher Win ILYA C Invite

Cedar Lake, IN hosted a grand event and Beulah Sailors had a GRAND time with two races in three days. Beulah definitely won the party award as we enjoyed the Cedar hospitality. LBYC member Mark Misch entertained the Beulah crowd in all the off hours. B-22 was tenth, B-18 was fifth.

 WYA X regatta on Okauchee

There wasn't much wind but the RC managed to squeeze off two races each on Saturday and Sunday for the WYA X Championship this past weekend.  The Beulah results were a very mixed bag with most sailors having some good and some not-so-good races.  In the final analysis the Bergalicious girls sailed B23 to 6th while John and Gabe brought B-6 home 9th.

  Beulah Fleet does Xtremely well in Oshkosh

 The X regatta circuit continued this week in Oshkosh where it blew pretty darn hard on Windybago and the Killer B's showed up in force. Everyone had moments of greatness and five of the B's ended up in the top 10 overall!  John and Gabe ran the B-6 to 3rd overall to lead the charge, while Ryan Komas and Alex Rietz definitely took the prize for "most excitement packed into a trip to Oshkosh!"  Good times - next up, WYA on Okauchee this weekend.

 Steph Roble WINS US Sailing Match Racing Championship

Stephanie Roble’s Epic Match Racing Team will add the Allegra Knapp Mertz Trophy to their extinguished list of accomplishments. Roble defeated Nicole Breault’s team, 2-0, in Sunday’s final series to win the 2014 U.S. Women’s Match Racing Championship, hosted by Oakcliff Sailing

The win for Roble marks her first U.S. Women’s Match Racing Championship title in five attempts. Roble receives an invitation to the 2014 U.S. Match Racing Championship, which will be sailed October 3-5, 2014 at St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco, Calif. The U.S. Women’s Match Racing Championship Committee will be providing travel grants to the team for both events.


She also receives an invitation to the 2014 Buddy Melges Challenge at Sail Sheboygan (Wis.) on September 23-28, 2014.


Geneva Regattas - all fleets in the books

X FLEET - On Monday and Tuesday, Joe Kutsch, Andrea Sullivan, MC Kiernan and the GLSS hosted the X fleet, while David Porter served as PRO and Candace and Julie were both helping on RC duty.  Two great days and five quality races later and it's in the books.  Those Pewaukee kids are tough, as is the young man sailing I-1, who took the title - Beulah ended up with three in the top 10 as Patrick, Mary and John Barr went 6-7-8, respectively.

OPTI RWB -four races Wednesday and Annie Cate (8) and Brigit (10) both represented well in the 33 boat fleet

OPTI GREEN - they got in SIX races on the short course with Ashley Mueller rockin' a bunch of top 5's to finish just behind Liza Mikacich who had a beautifully consistent series!
420 - X boaters Patrick/Erin, John Barr/Mary and John Berg/Gabe all teamed up and competed in an 8-race series



Kutsch and his crew put on a whale of a fireworks show last night (click on pix for larger versions, more to come) and it's a beautiful birthday morning on golden pond!  The pancakes crew is hard at work already, we serve from 8-10 so come on down and feed the kids and see all your friends!  Poor boat race to follow at noon. 


X Quad Lakes 2014 comes to Beulah

The 2014 edition of the X boat Quads is on, we have a 32 boat fleet assembled!  Our old friends from Cedar, Nagawicka and Pine - along with new addition J-boats from Oshkosh, will be duking it out on the water and the volleyball court!  Kathy Kiernan and DeeDee Birbaum have it all coming together nicely! 

UPDATE 7/1 @ 12pm - IT'S IN THE BOOKS!  One race this morning in big breeze which was building so the judges called it an event afterwards.  Alex Keck held serve today, sailed a good clean race and an overall magnificent event to win going away.  Nick Rusher on A-13 and Caroline Skotarzak on B-217 swapped spots again, overall he was 2nd and she was 3rd in the final tally.  FINAL RESULTS
UPDATE 7/1 @ 7am
- Storms rolled through in the evening and one boat came loose and was rescued by Randy Schmidt and Peter Keck.  The Haeger water trampoline blew away - check out this video:  VIDEO  We got a few great action shots from the water and from shore, click here: PIX
This morning the sun is out and the breeze is blowing, going to be a great day to wrap up the event! 
UPDATE 6/30 @ 4pm - one more race this afternoon, Alex Keck is in complete control with another bullet, it's a race for second tomorrow.  Currently B-217 holds that, with A-13 in 3rd and some serious Beulah girl power - B-66 and 23 and 7 - following. 
UPDATE 6/30 @ 1pm - two races in this morning, Alex Keck N-181 won the first race while Nick Rusher A-13 won the second one and they're 1-2 overall while local girl Caroline Sko sailed B-217 to a consistent 3-4 and sits third.  


X Regatta Tour Begins - Barr and Probst Lead the KillerB's

It's that time of year, X regatta season!  The kids went to TRAP up on Pine Tuesday and Wednesday and there was very, very little wind.  They squeezed off three races on day one while day two was a washout.  The girls of B-66, Brigit Barr and Sydney Probst, led team Beulah with a 6th place finish in the 55-boat fleet!  Way to go, ladies!

 Beulah hosts LBSS Opti Regatta

It's officially on!  Kids and their families came early, it was a no breeze sort of morning so George Kutsch gave some fishing lessons while others hit the volleyball courts! FINALLY we have some breeze and the sailors have hit the water and done some racing and are now pulling for shore!  Results are coming in, click here: GREEN or RWB Also, here are some PIX and here are some MORE PIX

Beulah C Fleet Sails Strong at C Nats - Ben Porter Wins with Peter Keck

 Nagawicka's Peter Keck and Beulah's Ben Porter sailed to the top in the 69-boat fleet. When we looked around, he was always there" said Ben of 3rd place finisher B-7 with Joe Kutsch and Randy Schmidt. B-12 Kent Haeger and Mike Greeson were 5th; B-16 George Kutsch and Jim Kutsch in ninth. John Porter and Pat Welscher were 12th; Will Haeger and Sean Hudson g in 13th, Joe Sko/Anne Muller/Charles Higgins in 16th and Jay Hiller and Robert Klement rounded out the top 20. 

Beulah has Track stars too -- A-Sully and C-Kutsch medal at State

Andrea Sullivan and her 'mates from Catholic Memorial won the State Title in the 4 x 100 Relay, while Charlie Kutsch brought home two medals of his own for the glory of East Troy HS.

BREAKING NEWS - B-99 Trailered!  College Nationals Complete!

The B-99 trailer is ready to roll, heading to Delavan for the MIR!  Go get em' Sumo-ians!
In college sailing, William Haeger (Tufts) finished 2nd and George Kutsch (Wisco) 14th in A Division of the CO-ED nationals, while Kate Klement carried the Beulah burgee for WIsco in the Women's division.  Full results can be found here:  College Results

It's summertime and the livin' is easy...

Well, it's not officially summertime yet as the school-age kids were doing homework and studying for finals...  College kids are out of school and settling in or heading to nationals...  It sure FELT like summer though, and it was awfully nice of the T-storms to hold off until all the sailing was over with!  The first weekend went great, countless volunteers pitching in to pull off a successful first weekend of racing as well as a lovely opening party Saturday night at the club.  Carrie's already got the scoring updated so click on over and check out the early results!

Brian Brickler/Joe Bitter Win LaBelle Tuneup

Joe Bitter never looked as good. Look at those abs. He's been working out this winter to be in top shape for his skippers. But it was Brian who steered to a first place finish in the Labelle Tuneup. They were the only Beulah boat present and they did us proud. 

It's officially ON!

The warmup series started this weekend out on Beulah, as spirited groups of Cs and MCs took to the water both Saturday and Sunday, with a crack crew on the flagship making sure everything went off without a hitch.  Next weekend more warmup races as the kids start in as well, and the opening party Saturday night!
While all that excitement was going on, the B-18 took the title up on LaBelle for the 2014 Tuneup - details to come in the MainSheet on Friday.

Cedar, WI Spring Regatta carries on sans Ben, Davenports

A great weekend of sailing up on Cedar Lake, beautiful weather and lots of races.  The Beulah fleet came Porter-strong with three clan boats, plus Kent and Mike.  Andy Burdick came down and put on a clinic Friday afternoon and stuck around Saturday to do some coaching.  Everything sunk in nicely for John Porter (with Christine crewing) and the B-12 as they finished 2nd and 3rd overall. 

Davenports Rule Spring Season - Dave Davenport at Cedar, IN

The only constant is the skipper's last name and the crew, Ben Porter. Mothership took home the Mount Gay title on the water. They had competition on land - perhaps. 

The C scow Regatta Season has Begun!

The C fleet is in Springfield this weekend kicking things off - the 22 and 23 and 303 are all down there representing!  Frank and Ben won the first race and went for a deathroll swim in the second one.  After a deuce in Race 3 they were leading the event at the end of day 1.  No racing on Sunday on account of too much breeze so it ended thusly, with the 303 taking the title, while B-22 finished fourth and B-23 was 7th and B-317 came in 11th in the 19 boat fleet. 

Bronze Medal for Annie Kate at Hyeres!

And it's a bronze medal at ISAF Sailing World Cup Hyeres for the US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider'sTeam Haeger/Provancha (Women's 470)! A hard-fought week against the best teams in the world, and a well-deserved conclusion. Congratulations, Annie and Briana!  Pictured here with proud coach and 470 class legend Dave Ullman.

Annie Haeger is Top American as 2014 Olympic Quest begins

Annie Haeger and Brianna Provancha finished fifth in Palma, Spain. Sailing in the Women's 470, Annie was the top ranking American in a tough wind condition event. Annie and Brianna move to Hyeres, France for the next European event. 

Look at Beulah at the NCAA

 When Shawn Murphy looked over his shoulder at the Final Four, who did he see? Lake Beulah members Mike LaFratta and Tim Lange. It was Beulah Badger Fever in Dallas. Let's hope the trio brings more luck to the homelake waters than the hard court at ATT Stadium. With 77,000 watching, how can Beulah find each other? 

Spring is coming; Summer to follow

Update 4/10/14 Shorelines are open. Ice is moving. Won't be long.
Golden pond is still covered with a thick sheet of ice, it's a great day for iceboating! 
As the sun rises over Beulah we take hope, the weather will warm and the lake will melt.  Spring will arrive and hard upon it will follow summer!  The board has been hard at work and a full slate is planned!  It all begins with Workday, Saturday, May 3rd. 8:00. Frank Rappold will have your duties and donuts waiting.  Sailing starts the weekend of May 17!

Record Number of MCs to Attend Lake Eustis Event

Seven, count them seven, sailors will travel together to find warm weather and SAIL! Here's the list: Steve Rotier, Al Haeger, Chris Kubicek, Dennis Smalley, John Porter, and Beulah tagalongs Zack Clayton and Mike Considine. Good luck, gentlemen. ---And Franzene and Lippert are going to cheerlead

They've started Sailing Again!