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C, MC, X and Optimist Sailing on the waters of Lake Beulah, East Troy, Wisconsin Since 1897


PO Box 833
N9220 East Shore Road
East Troy, Wisconsin 53120

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  New members 2018

  Doug Dorn



Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: Friday Fish Fry - April 7, 2017 6:30
When: April 7, 2017

Name Type
carolyn becker 6:30 Fried Cod
John Becker 6:30 Perch
adele brickler 6:30 Children's Chicken
crosby brickler 6:30 Children's Chicken
kevin brickler 6:30 Baked Cod
molly brickler 6:30 Baked Cod
Alison Guehrer 6:30 Fried Cod
Jenny Kutsch 6:30 combo plate
Jim Kutschenreuter 6:30 combo plate
Tim Lange 6:30 Perch
Brad McNeil 6:30 combo plate
Christine McNeil 6:30 Fried Cod
Laura Meager 6:30 combo plate
Katie Murphy 6:30 combo plate
Shawn Murphy 6:30 Perch
Amelia 9/9/16 Porter 6:30 Baked Cod
John Porter 6:30 combo plate
Molly Porter 6:30 Fried Cod
Ruth Rappold 6:30 Perch
Frank Rappold 2 6:30 Fried Cod
Joe Skotarzak 6:30 combo plate
melanie urben 6:30 combo plate
Luke Willard 6:30 combo plate